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Vintage Victorian Clothing

Wednesday, September 9th, 2009

Vintage Victorian clothes have been turned into fashion statements by celebrities such as Julia Roberts and other actors/actresses.

What is Meant by Antique Clothes and Are They Valuable?

Antique Christening gown

Antique Christening gown

Vintage clothes from bygone eras, such as the Victorian or Edwardian era refers to second hand clothes that are still in circulation, can be bought or sold or kept to pass on as an heirloom.

There are many Victorian and vintage clothing stores that source and sell these types of clothes and have become very popular.

Clothes which were produced before the 1920’s are usually spoken of as antique clothing and generally speaking from the 1920s to 1980s are referred to as vintage.

How Valuable is Victorian and Vintage Clothing?

Most vintage or antique clothing has previously been worn. Obviously if the piece is in excellent condition and without spots, blemishes or holes, it will be more sought after and valuable. Garments that have never been worn are the most valuable, especially if they have original tags attached. Prices for an antique christening gown, for example, range between $50 to over $300, depending on the quality.

Why is Vintage Clothing so Popular?

* Since vintage clothing has been worn by celebrities such as Julia Robers and Kate Moss, the general trend for vintage clothes purchases has increased dramatically.

* Vintage clothes were usually made to last, out of good quality fabric, designed to last for years and be passed on. They were usually made to be altered or made to fit. The garments were usually not mass-produced which means they are more unique.

* The finishes and details on the Victorian and vintage garments were chosen and sewn with care, such as hand embroidery, beading or unusual buttons, together with providing an insight into the history of a certain age or decade adds to its appeal.

* A vintage garment is also an investment for the future. The items are sometimes cheaper than modern-day designs and can be kept as heirlooms for one’s children or sold at a later date at a profit.

* Original vintage items and Victorian clothes can be more valuable and appealing than the retrospective (retro) designs, which are garments copied from a certain time period.

Where Can I Buy Vintage or Victorian Clothes?

Besides raiding the attic or grandmother’s wardrobe, vintage pieces can be found at online stores and auctions, garage sales, car boot sales, flea markets, antique markets, deceased estate sales and specialized vintage fairs or stores. Vintage and even antique clothes can be obtained from older friends and relatives. People from the second world war era often hold on to items of clothing, since they have a different mentality when it comes to clothing and often store clothes and other items which they feel are valuable.